View Full Version : Just Around The Corner - The Draft

Apr 27th 2007, 10:58 pm
So ... any strong opinions about the direction you would like to see the Bears go with the fresh talent coming in ? Any particular player you hope they get ? Positions to bolster up?

This is always fun for a couple of days and Angelo has demonstrated he will probably keep it interesting.

I cannot see any glaring need but of course most of the professional writers will none-the-less point out that the Bears do indeed have positions to strengthen . How about depth on the left side of the O-line? Linebacker depth - is Briggs going or staying - will he quit acting like a baby if he stays?

Do the Bears have enought RB depth (and quality) with T. Jones now a Jet (I'm not sure I liked that move) ?

Anybody think Angelo could possibly swing something to get Calvin Johnson in Orange & Blue (that's the big, fast, nasty wide-outs name isn't it) ? I would love to see the Bears with a truly dominating , hard to control wide receiver. Have they ever really had one ? J. Morris ? That goes back a long way .

This may seem odd if not stupid but I would not mind in the least if they picked up an extremely good interior D-lineman - the kid from Michigan perhaps ? Tank Johnson will be sleeping on a stainless steel cot with a seatless stainless steel toilet next to his head (such luxury) for the time being, Ian Scott thinks he should start elsewhere and Tommy Harris told us all he was "just fine" in his pre-"take-me-out-to-the-ball-game" interview with Pat & Dave the other day; ... I've heard that talk before. I trust he is healthy. I certainly hope so because I would love to see the Bears get a massive run-stuffer to pair with him and bring back the days of William Perry and the much under-rated and under-appreciated Danimal Hampton (who made that team "go" defensively).

Apr 29th 2007, 12:53 pm
I'm very pleased with my teams pick (Miami). Ted Ginn JR. is amazing, now if we could only get a QB to throw the ball to him.