View Full Version : OFFENSE lays an egg!

Sep 9th 2007, 7:16 pm
wow what a bummer sports sunday! i'm surprised bears managed 3 pts.the defense was close to par,but rex and o-line stunk up the joint today!rex held the ball like his last name was greasy/griese.o-line was a sive,r.backs did'nt run,block,hold onto ball etc.maynard's legg was gonna fall off if he had to go out there 1 more series! 1st game of the year,& against pretty good D,but this better not be a peek of the upcomming season. m.brown's strained knee looks worst than 1st thought,and could be the end of his bears/nfl career! :eek:

Sep 9th 2007, 7:35 pm
Not too great of a day in Chicago sports wise today.

Sep 10th 2007, 7:12 pm
" ... rex and o-line stunk up the joint today ... "

Pretty much Da Bears Achilles heal . I've been worried about the O-line for some time; is it really championship caliber ? We still don't know but Benson sure had a pathetic game.

" ..... When we're playing at our best, those mistakes don't happen and tonight definitely wasn't our night," said Grossman, who was a pedestrian 12-for-23 for 145 yards and an interception. "We had all the opportunities in the world. Our defence gave us a chance to win this game." ..... "

I hope you are looking in the mirror today Mr Grossman - YOU need to play a heck of a lot better.


" ..... "We had four turnovers? Wow," said Harris. "That's a lot. You don't win with four turnovers. I don't know if they played better than us, they just made less mistakes. And that's enough to win the game. ..... "

Football is a game that doesn't tolerant fools well and severely punishes mistakes . Da Bears have work to do. Both TD's were the direct results of turnovers.

I read Brown's career may be over - bummer.

Sep 10th 2007, 9:04 pm
latest word outta halas hall; Dusty Dvoracek will join Mike Brown on season ending injury list. both starters suffering from torn ACL's. most teams would be devastated by losing a pair of starters on opening day,but Danieal Manning has stepped b-4,and we just got Darwin Walker in a recent trade/transaction.If any teams D can survive and prosper it's ours. I just hope Cedric the not very entertaining can stay healthy and return to form vs. a lesser D in K.C. and beyond! poor M.Brown is definitly snake bitten. should change his middle name to rehab