View Full Version : You Go Griese!!!

Oct 23rd 2007, 4:22 am
In the four weeks since Griese took over, I've seen him make plays that Grossman cannot possibly make. If Rex manages to get out of the pocket on a broken play without getting sacked, He can't make something out of nothing. Griese can find the open secondary reciever and get positive yardage or make a huge play. I have been telling my girlfriend Kris constantly in the last four games, "did you see that, Grossman can't possibly make that play". That 97 yard drive with less than 2 minutes and no timeouts was very impressive, especially since his audio feed into his helmet was not working. I got a kick out of Boomer Esiason's response during Monday nights game. He said, maybe it's not such a bad thing when you can't hear what the offensive coordinator is saying.