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Feb 6th 2008, 2:38 pm
Anyone know what the deal is with them? Have the Cubs released any information on when they're going on sale or if they are auctioning them?

Feb 6th 2008, 3:34 pm
Here is from cubs.com:
The Cubs will add 70 box seats along the third-base line at Wrigley Field, and install new advertising signage inside the ballpark in 2008.
The city of Chicago gave the team permission to make the changes on Thursday. The moves were done despite Wrigley Field's landmark status.

Peter Scales of the city's Department of Planning and Development said the changes were approved because "landmark buildings aren't frozen in time, need to be maintained and can be improved while respecting their history."

The changes were approved as Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and Chicago mayor Richard Daley consider the Tribune Co.'s request to have the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority acquire and renovate Wrigley Field.

In addition to the seats, which will be called "Bullpen Box Seats," the club will be extending digital signage on the sides of the grandstands, according to Cubs vice president Mike Lufrano.

The Cubs currently have 82 Bullpen Box Seats along the first-base line. The team determined it had space for the new seats along the third-base line after the new drainage system was installed this offseason.

Feb 6th 2008, 4:23 pm
Thanks for the reply, but I guess that's a no on how or when they would be sold/auctioned. The season is upon us, we need to know!! : )

Feb 7th 2008, 12:44 am
I think the new seats will be auctioned.... all others are up for purchase.