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Feb 22nd 2008, 9:42 pm
Does anyone know what sections have the poles in them? I know that the "obstructed view" starts after row 8, but I remember hearing something about particular aisle seats and I can't find that place now! I am trying to pick out my opening day tickets.... and my dad wants right behind home plate. (section 222) I don't see any poles, but the row is Row 8...and I don't want to be stuck right behind the pole....been there and done that.

Feb 25th 2008, 10:31 am
I don't know of any system that tells you which seats have obstructed views and which don't, but if there is a major obstructed view the Cubs print it on the tickets and have to tell you on the phone when you order. In the 200 section once you get behind row 8 you are going to have some sort of limited view. Section 220 and 222 give you the most open 200-level view. The only way you are bad there is if you are on the absolute outside aisle (furthest 3rd base side on 220 and furthest 1st base side seats in 222).

There are also sites like SeatData that give you pretty good pictures from the section, and you can figure out your seat view from there.