View Full Version : GOULD TURNS GREEN !!

May 13th 2008, 5:58 pm
Bears reward kicker R.Gould with NFL's richest contract.$4.25 million signing bonus in a $14.2 million deal that can be bumped up to 16K w/ incentives! He is locked in through 2013! While i approve of the signing,it's the details i'm concerned about.Not too shabby for a guy that was working construction as early as 2005,when da Bears came a knocking.Gould does own a Bears record for FG%(50 min.attempts) 85% - 87% @ home,and a ProBowl selection in 2006,but IMO it seems a little much & a little loooong.I'm thinking that maybe w/ our "offense" that Angelo is thinking let's lose 20-9 rather than 20-0! thoughts?