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Jul 27th 2008, 10:21 pm
i have seats for a game in sect. 239, row 28 seats 7-10...can anyone confirm if 10 is an aisle seat?

Jul 27th 2008, 10:40 pm
I don't know for sure, but I don't think that seat 10 will be an aisle seat....

here are "The Basics"

The Basics:
- Within each level, section numbering begins with the section furthest from home plate down the third base line and counts upward. For example, section 101 is at the left field foul pole, 121 is behind home plate and 142 is at the right field foul pole.
- An aisle generally splits a section into two parts. Seats on the right** side of the aisle begin with the number 1, while seats on the left side of the aisle begin with the number 101. Thus, seats with higher numbers, such as 15 and 115, are toward the middle of the row.
- The first row in each level is labeled row 1 (except for Dugout and BullPen Box, which start with row A).
- Bleacher seats are accessed through a separate entrance, and do not connect to the main concourses of the stadium.

Dugout & Bullpen Box: This level is comprised of the three rows nearest the infield, labeled A, B and C. It is not covered by the upper deck. As Mr. Bueller would say, “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

Club Box (Sect. 4-38 ): On the infield, this level is directly behind the Dugout and Bullpen Box level. On the outfield, this level provides the closest seats down the first and third base lines. It is not covered by the upper deck. These too are excellent seats.

Field Box (Sect. 101-142): This level is separated from the Club Box level by a pedestrian walkway. This walkway leads to the concourses, which host the concession stands and bathrooms. If you are in the lower rows (roughly 1-5) of these sections, you may have to contend with frequent foot traffic crossing in front of you. A minor qualm, for sure, but perhaps annoying for the more particular baseball fan. Also be aware that a portion of section 101 is designated as a “no alcohol” zone. The Field Box level is not covered by the upper deck. On the whole, great seats.

Terrace Box & Reserved (Sect. 201-242): This level is separated from the Field Box level by a second pedestrian walkway. The first row is slightly elevated, however, so foot traffic is not an issue. This level is covered by the awning of the upper deck (except portions of 202-204, 237-240, and all of sections 201 and 242).
Rows 1-7 are considered Box, and rows 8+ are considered Reserved (all rows are considered Reserved in 201-204 and 237-242). The columns supporting the upper deck are usually found in row 6, and are often located on the aisles. Thus, purchasing seats in row 7 or higher can be a gamble. To better your odds, look for seats toward the middle of the row (high seat numbers like 15 or 115) in sections 219-231. Avoid aisle seats (like 1, 2, 101 and 102) in these sections. Nice views from the outfield can be found in sections 201 and 242. Notice of obstructed views will be printed on the tickets for some of the worst seats.

Additionally, sightlines from rows 16 and higher (19 and higher in the sections behind home plate) will suffer from the upper deck overhang. Views of the sky, scoreboard and fly balls will likely be obstructed. Small TV monitors and digital scoreboards are hung in the rafters above in an attempt to compensate

Bleachers & Bleacher Box (Sect. 301-342): The Bleachers offer general admission seating on a first come, first serve basis. The section number on your ticket is irrelevant. The Bleacher Box sections (316-318 ) offer assigned seating, as is found in the rest of the stadium. The Bleacher level is located behind the outfield wall, offers good views and has a rowdier atmosphere than the rest of the stadium.

Upper Deck Box (Sect. 403-438 ): This is the first level of the upper deck. Due to the overhanging design, the first row of this level is directly above the first row of the Terrace level. Sections 419-422 are directly below the Press Box. Seats in this level are covered by an awning, but views are not obstructed. The Upper Deck Box level offers very good to fair seats, the best being the first few rows along the infield.

Upper Deck Reserved (Sect. 503-538 ): This level is separated from the Upper Deck Box level by a pedestrian walkway. Foot traffic shouldn’t be an issue, however a second set of columns does appear along the walkway. These columns are actually a continuation of those on the lower deck. They are aligned with the aisles (except one column in sections 527 and 528 ) and are just in front of the first row. If you choose to sit in this level, look for seats in the lower rows, toward the middle of the row (high seat numbers like 15 and 115) in sections 509-525 and 529-532. Note that the area directly behind home plate is taken up by the Press Box, so there are no Upper Deck Reserved seats behind the plate. This level is covered by an awning as well, but because of the elevation it does not obstruct sightlines. The Upper Deck Reserved level offers many good seats at low prices, but because of the distance from the field and the chance of column encounters, might be best suited for those feeling a little lucky.