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Feb 26th 2007, 9:14 am
Hey All, thanks for taking the time to read this.

The wife booked a trip to Chicago for me as a birthday present. I am going with her and my daughter.

I didn't get in the VWR in time to grab 3 tickets together.

I have to get tickets for the 4/21 & 4/22 game.

Browsing the web for tickets, I see alot available. Pricey, but what can I ask for coming from Philly, probably the one and only time I'll be at Wrigley for health reasons.

For the price their asking, I do not want to get bad seats. Where is it safe to sit? How bad is the view from the 500 level?

Any help/advice be appreciated.

I was going to sit in the bleachers for one of the games, they seem to be $100 each tickets. I am trying to figure out where to sit for the 2nd game.

Once again, I appreciate any and all help here.


Feb 26th 2007, 11:33 am
IMO the 400 upper level are great seats. That's where I mostly sit. I can't comment on the 500 level but friends and other people said they arent't the best seats.

Feb 26th 2007, 9:58 pm
I have sat in the 500 seats before. If you are afraid of heights whatsoever, I wouldn't recommend them. I didn't mind the seats, but the walk up to the seats isn't very fun, especially when you have an armful of hot dogs, drinks, etc.

Stay away from the very low numbers (204, 205, etc.) and the very high numbers (239, 240, etc.) in each level. Those are in the very far outfield seats and very far from the action. It is hard to follow the game closely, you will spend more time watching the bleacher bumz.

Beware of seats labeled "obstructed view" as often it means you will be watching a pole right in front of you.

One more bit of advice about April games....dress like winter. The Chicago winds are wicked and will chill you to the bone. Coat, mittens, hat, etc. We went to a double header in April a couple of years ago... it was hard to enjoy the games because we were so uncomfortable. My dad came down with pneumonia and was off work for about a month after that day. They may say the temperature is one thing, but you add the wind in and the fact you are right down by the lake, you will have a major wind chill to deal with.

Have fun and take lots of pictures. It could be sub-zero temps, and I wouldn't care, Wrigley is a special place to be...and basebal is here!

Feb 27th 2007, 7:12 am
Thanks for the help!

I got bleacher seats for the 4/22 game. I went from needing 3 to having 3 extra! LOL! Now just need to work on the 4/21 game!

Things are coming together though now.

I'm pumped! I'm going to need to start a "Where to go & eat" thread soon!

Thanks again.

Feb 27th 2007, 8:11 am
You're welcome. Some other pointers....
* Don't drive unless you have to. The red line (el) drops you off right there at Wrigley. Parking is horrible and expensive.

*Get there plenty early. For bleachers, it is first come, first serve for seats. I believe they open the gates two hours before gametime and you can go in and watch batting practice. And, for sitting in the bleachers, it is a good time to try to catch a ball.

*I'm assuming you know the bleacher rule that if the opposing team hits a home run, you MUST throw it back. (Now, some cheat and take along a couple of extra balls that get thrown back instead of the "official" ball, but that's up to you. If you don't throw something back, you will have 40,000+ people yelling "Throw it back! Throw it back!" at you.

*If you do catch one, and throw it back, try to avoid Jacque Jones' head. (had to throw that in there)

* You will also want to allow for plenty of time to walk around the outside of Wrigley as well, as it is an experience in itself. The atmosphere is electric.

*At some point over your two days, visit the McDonald's across the street from Wrigley. It is a total Cubs theme inside!

*After the game, head back to the players parking lot (head toward the firestation, it is right across the street behind the left field seats). You will usually get a few of the players who come over and sign autographs and a great place to get pictures.

* Someone else may have to give you the best local "establishments" because everytime I have gone to Wrigley, I have had my son with me, so I have not been able to check out the numerous bars across the streets.

Feb 27th 2007, 3:39 pm
Very good points for everyone to keep in mind. Good post, Heather. :D