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ryno4ever Sep 6th 2008 10:57 pm

Bears vs Colts

Chicago has been known as a Sports Town, but starting Sunday, it REALLY becomes a sports town as the Bears kick off their season against the Colts.

Two first place baseball teams, a hopefully kick butt football team, and hockey with the Blackhawks are to begin soon.....there's lots to talk about in Chi-town!

Anyway... good luck to Da Bears.... and let's get a first place football team in Chicago soon too!

Bims Sep 8th 2008 6:44 pm

A mix of a healthy Bears defense and a rusty Peyton Manning resulted in a big Bears victoy on the road yesterday! .......... Kyle Orton really did his job yesterday. He managed the game very well, while picking his spots wisely to take his shots down the field. You're not going to get a 30 passing TD season out of Kyle Orton. But you will get well managed games. He won't win many games for you. But he's not going to lose many for you either. Good job by Orton yesterday! .......... Matt Forte looked really good in his first career NFL game. The rookie hit holes hard while showing he has some shake in him in the open field. He also caught the ball well out of the backfield, and showed he can pass block. For one game atleast it seems as if the Bears have a legitimate all around running back who can make plays. .......... It's obvious that the Bears really have no wide receivers. Deving Hester is not a #1 wide receiver, and the rest of guys are #3's at best. The only solid wide receiver the Bears have is Rasheed Davis. But the Bears showed yesterday that the tight ends are the real wide receivers of this team. Both Greg Olson and Desmond Clark are productive targets from the tight end spot. Both made big catches in yesterdays game. And both are much more of a threat then the entire wide receiving core. .......... Wow the O-line really got the job done in yesterdays game! They gave Orton time to manage the game. While giving Forte some holes to run through. We will see if this can continue for next weeks game. .......... The most positive sign from yesterdays win was both how physical and how well the defense played. The defense looks healthy once again. And they sure played tough. It's good the have Mike Brown. Nathan Vasher, and Tommy Harris back. The Bears shut down the run, while playing very physical against the Colts wide receivers. The biggest weakness in the Bears defense is Brandon McGowan. He doesn't have enough range to cover the field. And he doesn't tackle well. I think the Bears should give either Kevin Payne or Craig Steltz a shot at the SS spot. But all in all the Bears defense carried this team. And they are going to have to do it for 15 more games this season if the Bears are going to make the playoffs. Yesterday was a very good sign that they can infact do that. .......... Yesterday was a great way to start the season. The Bears should go into Carolina with a ton of confidence. They also know that Carolina's best player is suspended for the game(Steve Smith). Lets see if the Bears can show us that they are for real 2 weeks in a row.

SKIPPER 11 Sep 9th 2008 9:10 pm

Definately the most impressive and shocking win of week one, with a close second to Carolina over SD in SD.

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