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ryno4ever Jan 24th 2013 12:38 am

Sammy Speaks!
I just tuned in to SAMMY TV… his live 10 minute webcast as another attempt to throw his name and mug back into the media after being pretty much invisible since his Congress appearance, you know, the one where he kind of forgot that he knows how to speak English? Yeah, well, his English has been restored and along with his face (and very plastered hair) and can be found all over Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and yes, even Pinterest. (By the way, on the webcast, he confirmed that these are all his actual accounts).

So, there he was. Sitting on my laptop, face to….screen… was “TheReal609″…. the one who hopped after every booming home run he hit out of Wrigley. The one who kissed his “peace sign” fingers then tapped his heart every time the camera zoomed in on his face. The one who gave curtain call after curtain call as the (then) beloved fans chanted “SAM-MY! SAM-MY”… or as he heard “SAM-ME! SAM-ME!” The one that, on what was supposed to be his last day to take the field as a Cub on Fan Appreciation Day, decided to take the day off and leave Wrigley before the first pitch was even thrown, pretty much turning his “peace sign” into a big middle finger aimed right at the fans and his teammates, who, in turn, gave it right back to him by SOMEONE smashing his boombox and forever killing the Salsa Music from the clubhouse, but Kerry doesn’t know quite sure who it was who did it! (wink wink). He sat there in front of me today, hair slicked back. A somewhat nervous smile on his face (but face it, anyone who has ever sat in front of a webcam to chat, knows it can be somewhat awkward, so I can only imagine doing that in front of what he hopes as millions of people tuning in.) Okay, maybe a couple hundred, but who’s counting? Right, “Mr. 609″?

Right behind him was a picture of himself (surprise, surprise). It wasn’t the infamous picture of Sammy facing the left field wall in mid-hop watching his towering homerun..Nope, it wasn’t that one. It wasn’t even one in a Cub uniform, but one of him in a Texas Ranger one, with an image of him and his reaction when he hit is 600th homer AGAINST the Cubs. (How poetic was that day?) Yep, that middle finger must be stuck in that postion that he left it in when he abandoned the clubhouse on that October 2004 day.

On the webcast, you could type in a question on the side of the screen and a woman who was carefully selecting and reading the questions would pick one to ask him. Okay, I’ll bite. I asked SamME a question.


“At the Cubs Convention this past weekend, the Cubs mentioned they are open to the idea of retiring your number. Your thoughts?”
SamME’s response?

“That is something I’m looking forward to, that I want to happen, I’m kind of surprised it hasn’t happened before. … I represented that number for 14 years. That number should have been retired a long time ago.”
Instead of being honored or happy that they would even consider it, he’s bitter that it hasn’t already been done? Do I want to go to Wrigley field, look up at those honored flag poles and look at Ernie, Billy, Greg, Ryne, Fergie, and Ronnie’s flags and honor what they stand for and have SamME’s up there with them? I don’t think so. That would be a huge disgrace and slap in the face to the men who's flags fly up there now. Perhaps they can put a picture of his shattered boom box on the wall by one of the new men’s bathrooms to either honor, or offer a target to those who can’t stand in line and wait any longer.

I apologize if this came across a little “Paul Sullivan-ish”, but after I just spent a weekend with a bunch of players who were more that accommodating, friendly, and APPRECIATIVE to the fans who support them, and I tune in to watch this? SamME… right back at ya, my middle finger seems to be stuck in that position right back at you as well! Perhaps the Texas Rangers will consider retiring your number because I’m hoping it’s the Cubs win the World Series before they even CONSIDER putting your #21 up on that flagpole!

As he signed off, he did his “two-finger peace-sign Sammy Salute”… but I still couldn’t help but feel as if I only saw one.

See for yourself, here is the link to the YouTube video of his webcast.

ryno4ever Jan 24th 2013 12:41 am

Little did I know when I asked the question that his response to it would cause a media furry in the Chicago Sports Media! Within minutes, the Tribune had a story up, shortly followed by ESPN Chicago. WGN radio "teased" it as one of their top topics for WGN Sports Central tonight, and I just got done watching ComcastSportsNet out of Chicago and his response actually drew a story in their nightly newscast!

ChiCubs1984 Jan 25th 2013 1:10 pm

As everyone knows I bleed Cubbie blue but this guy has a lot of guts saying he wants his number retired?? He wants the Chicago Cubs to embrace his PED homerun stats in a Cubs uniform? I'm sorry I might be a minority in this but keep his you know what out of Wrigley Field. I'd rather the Cubs retire #21 for Scott

ryno4ever Jan 26th 2013 12:01 am

Or Jason Marquis? :)

ryno4ever Jan 26th 2013 12:06 am

Totally understand. I loved Sammy in the day. I admit, I was one of those fans chanting his name at Wrigley in the big moments. It was the day he walked out on the team and the fans before Fan Appreciation Day even started! On his facebook today, he wrote a post about how he was upset that people had taken what he said the other day on his webcast out of context (it's all on video, Sammy.... a video YOU posted all over Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc) He asked his fans what he should do!!!!! Really? The man who has pictures all over Pinterest of his mansion/resort he lives on, you would think he could hire a pretty good publicist and not have to ask his fans how he should handle the media!

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