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Originally Posted by CubsFan23 View Post
I had a similiar problem when playing in the arcade. I would finish a game and it would not submit my score. The system had timed me out of the site. I easily corrected the problem by signing in and checking the remember me box before I signed in.
The solution that was stated by CubsFan23 will fix these problems you guys are having. I have bolded the part of his post that you will want to look at.

Also, no matter what site you are on including fogpog, there is a tip you can keep in mind. If you are making a long post, before hitting the submit button select everything you typed and copy and paste it into something like Notepad. This will keep a copy on hand for you temporarily until you are sure your post went through. Every site experiences times where things don't go through or load like they should and this is a way you can make sure your hard work isn't lost.

I'm sorry to hear that some of you have spent a good amount of time creating posts, only to end up having them not go through. Hopefully this post will help you correct these problems. Any other issues you encounter, please let me know.
- Steve
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