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Lightbulb Let's take Fogpog off of Life Support

I miss my friends from here... I miss our Cubs talk & analysis. Let's get this board back to what it was, especially in 2008 when we all rode the Big Blue Train in one amazing season together! I can't do it alone, though, I need your help to get the conversations going, which is kind of hard right now because the Cubs really haven't given us much to chit chat about, but any little bit will help right now. Pass along the word to your fellow Cub fan friends.

And PLEASE be respectful toward each other. If you don't agree, that's normal, but there is no reason to turn things into name calling or belittling. Everyone has different things they love about the game and the team, and not everyone is a walking baseball encyclopedia, and many even come here to try to learn a thing or two, but being intimidated into posting anything isn't going to help out at all. So, again, just be respectful.

I have tried to send PM's and emails to former members, but it's taking awhile as I can only send 5 at a time, so please feel free to PM members that you remember having interactions with on here!

The Cubs are doing something they have never done in any of our lifetimes, and I would really like to be able to celebrate with all of you when it all comes together!

Baseball season's underway...
So you'd better get ready for a brand new day
Hey Chicago whattya say?
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