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Originally Posted by ryno4ever View Post
I thought about that aspect as well, but I think we would still be posting about stuff--the chat room thing would be more for the ones on at the same time, instead of either constantly PMing each other or using the threads themselves to hold conversations. I think it is safe to say, that many of us on fogpog have become friends and the threads aren't the place to hold little conversations, as it clogs the threads.

Not everyone is on at the same time, so the normal stuff we post about, we would still use the forums....but, as in the example, the game threads are sometimes not set up in time for the game, and we bounce back and forth from the game threads to the other threads during the games. We could use the chat board more for the "OHHH NOOOO!" Ron Santo type of reactions! LOL
That's a great way to explain it, Heather. The little conversations do clog up the threads and keep us bouncing back and forth among threads, looking to see what others' reactions are to each play. And since we are Cubbie fans, a lot of us do get emotional during games and it helps to be able to express our Ron Santo type reactions.
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