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" ..... Well that's said with regrets - great regret.

I have no choice really; Fogpog is simply too slow to browse. Much, much, much too slow! For me page loads average 3 to 4 minutes - if they ever load ! It took me over an hour to get this post screen to pop up . Please understand I am not exaggerating one bit. I strongly suspect this issue is greatly hurts the recruitment of new "Poggers" too. They log-on, wait forever, and are gone for good. Who knows.

I love Fogpog; I have been a member from the very beginning. Please note that I have a "mere" 20-some posts. That numbers would likely be in the hundreds if up to me.

Now I find myself needing to find a suitable Cubs forum again (I WILL NOT patronize the "official" site).

(Will somebody please e-mail me if things improve ?)

Goodbye everybody - "sniff". ..... "

Boy - what a whiney little twerp I was. I just couldn't stay away fortunately. FOGPOG still runs slow but 'what the heck' - it's worth waiting for.

I wish we had a few hundred more registered members.
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