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Originally Posted by ryno4ever View Post
WCIU is Chicago's CW station. My CW station is out of the Quad Cities. As for DirecTV, I don't get the WGN station in high def either, but they did say that later this year, they are adding a lot more high def stations, so I am hoping that WGN is also one.

There is talk that there may be a Cubs Channel in the near future... similar to the YES network for the Yankees. If this does become a reality, I may never leave my house!
This is a "Very Nice Idea". Now with that being said MLB and thier silly rules about TV coverage is crazy.

To me if a person is willing to pay for the MLB Package through DTV they should show the games. I wait to watch the team I have rooted for my whole life, then MLB decides that the game should be blacked out. Yuck... Some of the best times I had growing up was watching WGN and the Cubs, with my dad.
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