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Sunday. I was more than ready to go home. Slightly disappointed that the weekend didn’t live up to last year’s convention. But again, last year’s was AMAZING. That’s why we saved our money all year long to make sure we could go again. We headed down early to try to get in line to get Anthony Rizzo’s autograph. Again, the line was so long we couldn’t even tell where the line ended. Forget that. We went and got breakfast at the Bistro (which, was AMAZING!) POSITIVE! The buffet was incredible and made-to-order!
We spent the last few hours left in the Kid Zone while my son and brother played with Legos. There wasn’t a whole lot going on. My dad came down and told us that the elevators were jammed packed both going up and down, so we figured we had better make our way up to get our stuff and check out. Boy were they! We got our stuff and waited in line to get on the elevator… the last line of the weekend! While standing there, an employee came up to us and tapped us on the shoulder and whispered to follow her. She took us to the service elevator where we rode it down with bullpen catcher, Andy Lane and a minor leaguer (who I wasn’t sure who he was), but we bypassed the incredible line and got checked out. Last year, we were bummed that it was over. This year, I was somewhat relieved.

Don’t get me wrong, we had a good time. It just didn’t have the excitement level it had last year. The whole thing was downsized so much, and I’m sure it was to accommodate to the new hotel. I’m also sure the hotel didn’t have a clue as to what was really going to happen with the thousands of passionate Cub fans flooding their hotel. I’m sure both the Cubs and the hotel realize they have some major “kinks” to work out for next year. One thing I would suggest is not having all of the autographers in one area. Spread them out a bit throughout the hotel so that the lines don’t clog up the hallways. I know the players are more than generous with their times, but having them sign for more than a half an hour would be nice, as well. More people might get a chance to get what they are standing in line for if they even add just 15 more minutes per autographs. I liked how all of the forums were close together where you could bounce from one to the other pretty easily, as long as you could dodge the autograph lines. Another suggestion, keep the restaurants and food options opened until after the last of the activities are finished. Everything is so jam packed with the schedule, especially on Friday night, you have to choose to either eat or take part in the activities. Last year, one of the Cubs-sponsored pizza places had a place set up in the hotel where you could get a pizza right there in the hotel. Not this year

I do REALLY appreciate the players who were more than accommodating with their time and signed autographs, posed for photographs, and just chatted with fans without an ounce of sounding annoyed, tired, or frustrated.
So, as the Convention is now behind us, the one thing it did do for us was get us pumped up for the season to start as we watch this team slowly come together. Talking with other fans, we were all in agreement that after last year, it can only go up from there! Most seem to be willing to be patient for a little while longer as they right this ship.

Are we going to the convention next year? Don’t know yet. I just have to accept that the 2011 Convention will be my 20K game, and future conventions may be fun, but they will never be able to live up to that first one!

If you want to see some of the pictures I took from it, you can head over to here, it's a blog I write for! You can also check the all out in my facebook albums (Lot easier than uploading them all again to photobucket)
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