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Old May 3rd 2007, 8:49 pm
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Originally Posted by Bockstock View Post
The offense won't allow it
For the best I hope! I want many blow-outs!
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Old May 3rd 2007, 9:43 pm
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Wow, this topic is getting pretty heated! I don't believe anyone here would be considered a bandwagon fan.... EVERYONE on the board has taken the time and effort to put their opinions in (which we all appreciate, whether everyone agrees with yours or not...what would be the point if everyone had the same thoughts and opinions).

There are various degrees of Cub fans, I think. There are the ones who are there for the love of the team...the passion for the game and history of the team. The ones who even if we lose a game big on one day, will turn around and watch/listen to it again the next day. The ones that win or lose, they will still be there to follow the team.

There is the Wrigley fans. The ones there for the sun, the beer, and the good times at the ole' ballpark. Not saying that the first group I mentioned can't fit into this one, but if you walk through the bleachers and question some of them on the history of the team, or even ask them who the closer is, my guess there would be some who asked you what a closer was. (I know there are a few of them out there, as I got stuck sitting next to one of them at the home opener.... with a beer in each hand, a Cubs jersey and ball cap on, looked over at me and asked me who was batting, I told her Soriano, and she asked if he was a good player or not....then got on her cell phone to call all of her friends to let them all know she was at Wrigley Field at a Cubs game and they were playing the Angels .....when it was the Astros!)

There are the fans who follow the team casually, and will pay more attention to them when they are winning. Does that make them a bandwagon fan? Who cares. A fan is a fan, whether it be a season, a decade or a lifetime. I know that I am a fan, and my friends here are fans, and if some have "jumped on the bandwagon", well then, welcome. If some fans want to vent and show their disapproval of things with this team, go for it. If some want to have the champaign bottles on ice for October, great.

Now, as for us, here that take the time to post on fogpog. I feel one of the best features of a board like this is that we have a wide range of ages of fans on here.... some haven't lived through as many of the heartaches and horrible years before now, and some have seen much more that many of us. The bottom line is that if we each have taken the time to spend on the board, the time to post our thoughts and opinions, we are all true fans. Some need to vent and point out the opportunities the team has and things that really need to improve, some need to look at the positive things, and look for hope (especially after last year....), but no matter how we view this team, no matter what our opinions are on the good points, bad points, etc. it all comes down to one thing.... WE ARE ALL CUB FANS WHO HAVE A LOVE FOR THIS TEAM! Will there be bandwagon fans? Yep, but you know what? Some die hards began their love for the team by jumping on the bandwagon. I have read a few posts on here and other boards of fans who have a wonderful knowledge of the team that started following the team in 2003, and some even in 1984. They jumped on the bandwagon, and never fell off.

Everyone has opinions, which is a good thing. However, please keep in mind that opinions are not facts. They can be based on facts and numbers and stats, but the opinions themselves are not facts. Am I going to agreee with everything everyone says on the board? Nope. Is everyone going to agree with what I have to say? Nope, but you know what? That is the beauty of being a fan.

One thing is for sure, we are all wanting to someday, whether it be this year or some year down the road, want the opportunity to go to Chicago, stand in or outside Wrigley Field and celebrate with one another a World series Championship. Now, just how the team will get there, opinions will vary.
Baseball season's underway...
So you'd better get ready for a brand new day
Hey Chicago whattya say?
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Old May 3rd 2007, 10:45 pm
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Originally Posted by roenick99 View Post
Well, here's your two cents back. I don't want it. I guess I am not a "real Cubs fan" then because I question the mediocre and subpar baseball that I have seen for the better part of a month and I don't blindly follow the team and think they are going to improve because a couple of people on the MB say so. Not sure how old you are, but I think you will notice a trend of the majority of the "negativity" coming from people that have seen more than a couple years of Cubs baseball. We aren't convinced because they went out and dropped a bunch of money this year. I have been following the Cubs for about 24 years. I am 33 years old, but you can't really count the first 10 years because I was more interested in GI Joe and Transformers until then. I went to my first game when I was either five or six, but whatever. The point I am trying to make is that I am tired of getting bashed by people like you and NeifiMVP for not being mr. positive and actually expecting more from this team that was built to win. I think NeifiMVP is pretty young and although that shouldn't matter because I think he has a really good knowledge of the game and has really insightful posts (most of the time), I feel I (among others on this board) have been "subjected" to bad baseball far too long to put up with it anymore. The Cubs choked in 1984, were beaten by the better team in 1989 and 1998, and choked again in 2003...BAD!! Every other year in between has been pretty much unmentionable as well. I have refrained from posting on here very much lately because I am tired of being bashed and called a non-fan or a band wagon fan because I state the facts as I see it and I am generally sick of the bad baseball. Argue with me all day about your opinion vs my opinion, but don't be so quick to label people because the share a different view point than you and it isn't all flowers, unicorns, and rainbows!
Wow, I hope you feel better.

In the late 70's early 80's my friends and I would sit in the bleachers for $4.00. You could go the day of the game and pick any seat you wanted. That's how old I am. Barry Foote was the catcher for a time then, couldn't get a hit to save his life, but he played hard everyday. So I have seen both the good and the bad of the Cubs.

The "label" is for those who will decide that in October that they were Cubs fans all along or those who are ready to watch the White Sox because the Cubs are 5 games back after the first month of the season.

If you feel "bashed" that was not my intention and I offer an apology. I bleed the Cubs, stand behind them when they hit a tough spot and take pride when they do well. Do I get po'd when they put Ohman in and he blows yet another game or when a grounder is missed, hell yes, but I'd wouldn't give up on them because of it.

You're right, since 2003 they haven't met expectations. You got everyright to boo till you're throat can't take it anymore. It's a long season, give them a chance to play like they should.
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Old May 4th 2007, 7:45 am
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Originally Posted by ryno4ever View Post
One thing is for sure, we are all wanting to someday, whether it be this year or some year down the road, want the opportunity to go to Chicago, stand in or outside Wrigley Field and celebrate with one another a World series Championship. Now, just how the team will get there, opinions will vary.
I opt for this year. But I will take any year as long as I am still alive to see it!
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